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By Jonathan Bechtel
Founding Partner

We practice personal injury, though you may not know that yet. We do not spend a lot of money on billboards, but that is why we thought it over and decided where we can make the most difference is to be able to work hard for our clients and take less of the compensation that is theirs. We have been practicing a collective 45-plus years in the field of personal injury. Our settlements have ranged from below $10,000 to above $7 million dollars. And after considering the area of practice, from car and trucking collisions to slip and falls to dog bites, what we really want to do is pass on more compensation to our clients.

In the state of Connecticut, limits for fees for personal injury cases are governed by Connecticut General Statute Section 52-251c, which generally sets a one-third limitation for fees in a case involving personal injury or wrongful death. The statute does not speak to charging less than one-third.  However, the statute does allow attorneys to charge more than what the statute allows, if there is a complex personal injury matter that involves “serious permanent personal injury or death” or for some other reasons. We at Stanfield Bechtel Law believe that if you or your loved ones have sustained “serious permanent personal injury or death”, you should be charged less, not more. We would like to pass on our savings to you from not having billboards for advertisement. Come see us and ask about our twenty-five percent fee for assisting you with your personal injury matter. And please do not think you will settle for less if you choose us. We go the distance for our clients. Please take the time to look at our reviews. We are accessible, we know the area of personal injury, we try cases and battle for our clients and we fight for excellent results. We never settle for less… unless it has to do with the fees we charge our clients.   

About the Author
Jonathan believes the client should always come first, and aims to deliver a positive experience to exceed client expectations.