Business people Meeting negotiating a contract between two colleagues

Successfully running a company can be challenging. Working with a business law attorney can help you manage formation, contractual, and employment matters that you face in operating your business. Whatever stage your business is in, receiving skilled legal advice can help you make strategic decisions and reduce the risk of litigation. 

Whether you are at the beginning stages of forming a company or winding your company down to retire, an attorney can provide the documents and advice you need. The business law and consulting attorneys at Stanfield Bechtel Law are here to provide you with effective legal counsel tailored to your unique needs. Contact Stanfield Bechtel Law to learn how we can help you develop strategies for achieving success. 

Business Entity Formation Attorneys in Middletown, Connecticut

Selecting an experienced attorney to help you form your business is important when forming a company. Many business owners opt to form an “LLC.” However, the type of business structure you will benefit from depends on the size and nature of your business, tax considerations, business hierarchy and how you intend to finance your company and operate day-to-day. The business attorneys at Stanfield Bechtel Law will discuss your company’s needs and goals and advise you on the pros and cons of legal business structures that may work for you. 

After determining the best type of business formation, whether a partnership, LLC, LLP, S-corporation, or C-corporation, one of our skilled attorneys can help you form your business. Our business law and consulting attorneys guide business clients in creating and implementing operating agreements, by-laws, and other contracts they need to start and run their businesses effectively. We have represented clients in many different industries, and we have helped protect their business assets while ensuring their business complies with local and state regulations. 

Reviewing and Drafting Contracts

Business owners rely on a wide range of contracts to operate daily. The contract review attorneys at Stanfield Bechtel Law work diligently to draft contracts based on clients’ current and future needs. Using boilerplate contracts can harm your business because one-size-fits-all contracts may not protect you from specific litigation risks, or they may not provide you with adequate options for restitution if the other party breaches the contract. Working with an attorney to draft and negotiate a contract tailored to your business’s needs can provide you with additional legal protection.

We take the time to listen to clients and understand their business needs, goals, and concerns. We’re interested in learning about our client’s top priorities and primary concerns for every transaction that is subject to one of the contracts we draft, negotiate, and/or review. Our attorneys discuss the likely scenarios that could occur if either party fails to fulfill its responsibilities under the contract. Whether you need a contract drafted and reviewed or you’re facing a breach of contract lawsuit, the attorneys at Stanfield Bechtel Law are here to help.

General Consulting and Risk Management

As a business owner, you are likely focused on keeping your business profitable. Investigations, litigation, and other types of unexpected business crises can divert management’s attention from the business’s needs and consume a company’s resources. The attorneys at Stanfield Bechtel Law have extensive experience providing companies with general consulting and risk management counsel. 

Whether you are already involved in litigation or would like to limit your exposure to liability, our attorneys are prepared to help you minimize your risk exposure. We also have extensive knowledge of advising clients regarding commercial insurance products and strategies that can help them protect themselves and their businesses. 

Contact a Business Law and Consulting Attorney 

Managing a business is challenging, and working with an experienced attorney can help business owners and managers make strategic decisions. At Stanfield Bechtel Law, we work diligently to stay informed about all significant changes and updates to commercial laws and regulations throughout Connecticut. 

We are here to work with you to provide effective legal consultation that meets your company’s needs and goals. Contact Stanfield Bechtel Law to learn more about how we can provide your company with skilled business law and risk management consulting services.